Owners of Solar Power Installations

What if you have a solar power system that you have made a hefty investment in, you have it installed and now expect a long and prosperous relationship together with it? And what if this system has an expected life span of between 20-30 years and you really want to make sure that it will also fulfill and perform according to specs during this time?

In short, if you just want a just system, by a just manufacturer that delivers what they have promised for your hard earned money?

Then our system is for you! We offer an independent system for verifying the performance of solar power system, regardless of manufacturer. By using an open-innovation and open-source approach we can make sure that we deliver our system at almost zero marginal cost, and thus making the system very cost-effective without letting down on quality and performance. The open-innovation approach also makes us more versatile than the competition, since we can more quickly adapt to new technologies and adapt new ideas into our products. Also, the open-innovation approach enables smart and passionate people from all around the globe to contribute to our products and make them even better.

With our measuring and verification system you can also check how your system performance compares to that of your neighbours, those with the same or a comparable system or a mean-performance of all systems.

Installers and vendors of solar power installations

What if you are a vendor that specialize in selling and installing solar power systems to end customers? And what if you have worked long and hard to built up your clients trust, and believe in good and strong client relations?

Then surely you really would not want this to be ruined by risking selling products of inferior quallity?

Look no further, our system can help you in guaranteeing that you are offering high quality solar power systems!

By using our system you can offer your clients an independent option of monitoring and verifying the performance of their solar power modules, regardless of the manufacturer. Since our system also monitors the performance of the system in real-time, as well as making predictions about future performance you can avoid costly warranty claims and having to send technicians out in the field, something which costs a lot of time and money, as well as risking your reputation.

Since our system can make statistics of how the modules of different manufacturers are performing in the real world, it can help you make decisions on what brands to endorse in your business.

Manufacturers of Solar Power Modules

What if you are an innovative, envelope-pushing endorser of the new green revolution that is called solar power? Maybe you have invested decades of research into building the very best solar modules and are have a strong focus on always striving for improvement?

Maybe you perform extensive laboratory and post-manufacturing flashing and testing of your modules, but you have no good way of checking on how they actually perform in the real world?

We can offer you the system to do just that! With our services we can help you by custom tailoring measurements to your needs, so that you can get exact real-time and long-time data over how your modules are performing in the field, no matter where they are installed. This data can then aid you in your evaluation and further development of your products. Not only that, by using and offering our system you are indicating that you are a just manufacturer, that are transparent about the performance of your system. And surely, you want to show the end-customers, the vendors and the world how good your modules are performing in the real world?