united we stand divided we fall

Our civilisation is standing at a crossroads. Rising levels of CO2 from
more than two centuries of burning carbon based fossil fuels has tipped the balance of nature, changing our climate from stable to unstable. More severe storms, longer draughts, rising sea levels and the following disruption of infrastructure, damaging of harvests and drowning of coastal cities threaten to throw us into a turmoil of cataclysmic chaos and conflict. To make things even grimmer, democracy seems to be on the retreat, economic growth is slowing and we seem to be facing the 6th mass extinction on the planet, caused by our way of life.
This is not news to many of us. On the contrary,
the thought of this sends millions of people into despair and causes anxiety and apathy. We feel powerless.

so what do we do?

The truth is that we already possess the power needed to overcome these great challenges. We always have. It is the power of coming together, the power of cooperation and the power of companionship. The problem so far has often been the lack of tools. How can we unite under one banner when we are separated from each other by sometimes many thousands of kilometers, oceans and borders? That all changed when the Internet emerged, and all of a sudden people could collaborate with one another, no what the physical distance separating them. This opened up a new world of possibilities and then gave rise to the phenomena that is now called Open Source.

WE believe in the power of open source

Open Source, Open Hardware or Open Innovation is when people from all over the world come together and collaborate in building something for a common goal, in a non-proprietary, non-copyright world. What is made is available for free for anyone to use or modify, making it possible for anyone, from anywhere in the world to share the benefits and to contribute. When this happens, unlikely alliances make technology and innovations happen in places, and in ways that no one before thought possible. By uniting across the borders our shared knowledge, passion and compassion gives us the strength and momentum we need to do miracles.

Justus believe this is the way forward for technology, and this is what gives us a chance to tackle the huge hurdles ahead of us. We want to build technology and solutions that can change the world for the better, but we can not do it on our own. We need your help. We cannot do it on our own. We need to do it together.

Only us together can solve this mess. It’s just us.

We have now waited quite some time for divine intervention, some alien civilisation reaching out to help us, or some long lost sacred oracle with all the solutions and the answers to our questions. Even if they might all exist and are maybe just busy doing something else, it seems as we humans are on our own on this one.

To put it frankly, it is just us. It is just us that can solve these problems, overcome the hurdles and make this world a better place for all of us. It’s just us together.


The world doesn’t need another greedy “let’s grab as much as we can and make a run for it” type of enterprise. Not another company that creates something and at the same time destroying the planet and making life miserable for someone else just for the sake of increasing the money in the pockets of the owners. Not another corporation standing upon, and weighing down the shoulders of its employees. There are plenty enough of those kind of companies already. What the world needs is more of the enterprises and corporations that really try to make a difference in a fair, just way. Not just for the benefit of the owners of the company, but to truly strive for improvement of life quality for people all around the globe. Justus shall to be that kind of company. A company striving for a better world, a world of more cooperation and more equality.