A couple of people sharing a common dream get together and decide to really give it an honest chance. They may or may not quit their day-jobs, but it is almost certain that they will get to here a lot of scepticism and down-right trash talk from people in their surroundings. There will be a lot of people telling them how foolish and naive they are, how whatever they are trying to achieve just cannot be done, and that they should quit that fooling around, get a proper haircut and get straight jobs!

Why can’t you be like the rest of us!?

Following your dreams and going against the stream sure isn’t easy all the time. That’s where the fans come in. Because in spite of all the nay-sayers trying their very best to bash you with their negativity, there will always be the people who like what you are doing. And just when you are about to give up on your dreams, someone unexpected might come up to you and give you a well-needed thumbs up or a pat on the back. Just the piece of motivation that you needed to keep on truckin’ and keep on pursuing your dream.

The young rock bands used spend a lot of their time striving for, and trying to get the record contracts for some record label to finance their album and distribute it. In these days however it is possible to succeed even without the blessing (and curse) of the big labels, with endless sharing possibilities that are available using the Internet. The same applies for Start-Ups, where most will strive for that big contract with some big company that takes them under their wings and ensures them food on the table for at least some foreseeable future, but these days it is also possible to get funding directly from the crowds of ordinary people.

Also, the rock bands as well as the Start-Ups really want to stand on a stage and get their word out to the fans and the people! The venues might differ somewhat, but it is the same energy that is emitted from both the passionate bands as the Start-Ups.

Last but not least, the rock band would be nothing without its rebellious rock’n’roll attitude, and neither would we! Quite simply, we believe in a rock’n’roll, no-bullshit approach to make our visions come true.



Justus Founding Team
– Our Four Piece Line Up

Our Four Piece Line Up team consists of Fredrik Trella, Sara West, David Karibe and Susanna Ander. We flourish in the intersection of Business & Design, Nerdy Tech Stuff and with the common vision in making our planet a better place.
In this very intersection we believe music will happen, that’s where all our individual skills, experiences and dreams tune in, that’s where we find our beat.

Fredrik trella

Co-Founder & Frontman

Born and raised in the industrial city of Västerås, half Slovac and half Swedish, Fredrik is a man with multiple characteristics.

He has a tendency to turn back time and embed himself in the golden era of the 70s, sometimes inspired by Steppenwolf or Black Sabbath, sometimes the Bee Gees. Ever since being a kid, Fredrik has always had an interest for Technology and Engineering. He flourishes when given one or several challenges. So, when someone said that Engineering Physics was the most challenging of all engineering programs he decided it was the right choice for him. Also the fact that it is one of the most versatile of the engineering programs went well with his philosophy of having a holistic view on science. Fredrik argued that, in order to reach the deepest insights and conclusions it is often necessary to have an orientation in many disciplines.

 This together with an ease for gaining interest for something new has led Fredrik to being occupied by many different hobbies. These include cars (he has completely rebuilt a Volvo 240 Turbo), electronics and computers, but also photography, film-editing, music and creative writing, not to mention being once in a while a fully occupied ski bum.

He is known as a hands-on guy with a creative mind. So, can you imagine the excitement and drive that the creation of Justus has implied for Fredrik? Fredrik rocks the combination of hardware development, prototyping, electronics and sales and marketing and he’ll package these disciplines and his personal characteristics into one rock-solid never-heard-of-discipline that will blow your mind and motivate you to be part of the Justus Manifesto.

sara west

Co-Founder & Frontlady

Sara was born in South East Asia and raised in the midst of Sweden. At the age of 3 she considered any newly visited location on the planet her home, and she loved it

Sara’s upbringing consisted of one part being in an industrial small town in the midst of the woods of Wermland county and another part in exotic places in South-East Asia. At the age of 3 she considered any newly visited location on the planet her home, and she loved it. Ever since being a kid she has had a constant curiosity to discover non-travelled roads and jump into the unknown, not without support however. A great deal of life experience, lessons learned and a great chunk of love shared by her always remembered grandmother Stina has had a great impact in shaping Sara’s way of living life, and still does.

With an everlasting interest in science and technology alongside with finance and economics the Industrial Engineering and Management programme at Chalmers University of Technology was an obvious choice. After three years of calculus and management abbreviations and little hands-on learning, Sara had enough and took a gap year. She headed off to her roots in South East Asia to find her inner 3 year old. It all suddenly made sense. She flourished in creative environments, being surrounded by individuals and companies developing something entirely new, from start. Once back she enrolled the M.Sc. programme “Entrepreneurship & Business Design” at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, and it has made all the difference. That paved the way for eventually co-founding a wave energy startup, which four years later brutally failed. But hey, that’s how she met Fredrik and what a learning experience it was. Sara has continued to be heavily involved in the startup ecosystem, both in and around startups as well as working with innovation management in big corp.

She has developed strong hands-on skills in business development and fundraising as well as translating the tech stuff to rock solid value propositions, which now comes to use in her role at Justus Technologies. Finally, the quest for embarking another unknown road with the mission to make a difference has taken place and Sara’s 3-year-old-self is back and grandma Stina’s light keeps shining as the journey of Justus Technologies has only begun.

David Karibe

Embedded Systems Expert & Open-Source Guru

A master of both syntaxes and soldering irons, David is a true maker and open-source rebel.

He specialized in electronics and did his practical work and projects in applied microprocessor technologies and instrumentation. After graduating and hustling for a while running a stall in the city of Nairobi, he was offered a job as a Senior Technologist at the Physics Department in Chiromo campus based on his stellar performance in undergraduate practical hands on work. He helped develop the electronics laboratory from scratch and worked with other staff members to put together three practical courses namely; introduction to computer programming, workshop techniques(3D modeling for EDA visualization, PCB prototyping and rapid prototyping for robotics) and computing lab II in which he taught systems modeling and simulation using systemC C++ library and embedded systems programming in C. His influential contribution to the department though was the transition from expensive proprietary software tools that were in use when he joined, to the free and open-source platforms for hardware development. He also spearheaded the switch from Windows to Linux operating system for undergraduate teaching environment. This was a huge boost especially because of limited funding available for the labs. It was also important to the undergraduate students because they could set up their own small innovation businesses without a lot of capital.

While working there, he enrolled to the Master of Science in Physics program and did his coursework, specializing in embedded systems and applied laser physics. He did his master project in holographic imaging as the research topic under applied laser physics, but his love for electronics and instrumentation took his focus elsewhere. He soon started working with some of the graduates that he had mentored in school, who started their own innovation companies.

susanna ander

Art Director

Born and raised on the Swedish west coast, half Polish and half Swedish, Susanna loves building something from scratch.
Susanna has both the hot tempered characteristics in combination with being humble and calm. Susanna really gets it on when listening to the beats of the 80s and early 90s, being inspired the most by Queen’s Freddie Mercury. In her early teens, Susanna really embraced the punk & rock n’ roll lifestyle by being the front figure of a punk band called “DRAG”. She actively combined her punky lifestyle with being active and quite prominent in sports, mainly soccer. Little did she know by then that she would then in her early 20s open up her eyes for design and art.

Susanna flourishes when being actively involved in any creative process, delivering value into each and every phase. Her strong graphic design skills and interest in creating artwork have resulted in her co-founding two e-commerce companies, for which she provides customised posters made by herself.

In 2016 Susanna served as an Art Director and Graphical Designer at a major Swedish fashion brand. During that time she really got her hands dirty when being strongly involved from a conceptual stage to delivering to the end customer. Prior to that she spend some time in an advertising agency where she developed ideas for some of Sweden’s largest consumer companies. She started to develop skills in web design and designing company logos and designing brand expressions.

O’boy, Susanna is really a hard working creative spirit. Once given an opportunity to create, she does this with 225 % dedication, always. So, when teaming up with an entrepreneur and innovation expert, imagine the magic that will be created. Sara and Susanna met in 2017, and it turned out to be a perfect match. Together they really flourish in the intersection of business, design and technology and hence it all came natural to invite Susanna to jump aboard the journey of Justus. Susanna is now the main creative behind Justus brand expression, creating that sense of belonging in a community while at the same time giving the no bullshit and rock n’ roll attitude kind of feeling. Design matters, end of story.